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Effective Relationships
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Effective Relationships

Have you ever wondered why you hit it off with some people immediately, while with others it's like oil and water? Validated research going back as far as Hypocrites circa 400BC gives us the answer - it has been proven beyond doubt that there are four dominant behavioural styles and each one of these four styles has a very distinct pattern of observable behaviour. The good news is that, once you understand these patterns, you have the key to unlocking your ability to get along with nearly everyone.

  • Is your organisation - big or small - being held back because of stress, tension or conflict?
  • Could Team Members be working more effectively together?
  • Could Inter-Departmental cooperation be improved?
  • Could relationships between Colleagues, Customers, or Suppliers be more productive?

The starting point is identifying the cause and then learning how to handle it by using The Platinum Rule® - a highly effective system which leads, from self-understanding, through a better understanding of others, to better and more productive interactions in almost every situation involving people. It also includes the facility to obtain 360° feedback from Colleagues, Family and Friends.

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The Power of the Platinum Rule

Knowledge, Skills and Attitude

Documented research carried out by the Carnegie Institute supports the abundance of anecdotal evidence that, of these three factors contributing to a person's effectiveness and success, Attitude is by far the most important. In fact, it comprises as much as 85% of the total. Just think, what is the point of having great skills and having a wealth of knowledge if a poor Attitude interferes with their effective application?

"It's your Attitude not your Aptitude which determines your Altitude."
Brian Tracy - The Psychology of Achievement

The Platinum Rule

John MacPhie holds the UK licence for The Platinum Rule system which was devised in the late 1970s by Dr Tony Alessandra in the USA.

However, one of the first things John did was "Anglicise" all the material and the delivery style.

This was done with Dr Tony's is complete agreement; as even he acknowledges that a lot of good ideas fail to make it across the Atlantic because it's considered to be "too American."

This system shows people the different ways we can behave with others and how our natural differences can be often interfere with developing a positive relationship.

It shows people how to turn poor relationships into good ones and how to make good ones even better!

This knowledge works at all levels; up, down or sideways and for any type of relationship.

In the business world, typical outcomes are improved morale, higher productivity and increase profit. And in the social and family environments, increased happiness and greater harmony.

As well as delivering workshops himself, John is creating a network of Associates around the UK, licensing them to either delivered similar workshops or incorporate The Platinum Rule into their existing work.

This represents an additional business opportunity or a great way of adding value to an existing service.

So, if any of you soft skilled trainers, NLP practitioners, life coaches, business coaches, councillors, HR consultants, management consultants etc are interested in increasing your revenue stream by adding a terrific tool to your toolbox, please call John MacPhie on 07742 402990.